Unto Ikkala




art model


I live in Espoo (Finland) and have been doing acting roles more since 2016 in dozens of movies, commercials and TV-shows ( + theater) - in minor and leading roles, with lines too. Body control and expression - as I instruct eg. parkour - and facial expression come naturally without forgetting the sensitive interaction. I put my (atheist) soul into the situation and communicate carefully with the crew whatever the context requires. I go on learning acting in various schools and acrobatics with other professionals and independently. 

My other works include live-modelling (art) and instructing parkour. As a child I was a competitive swimmer, did gymnastics and scouting. Nowadays I do parkour (a 'lifestyle', philosophy), acroyoga, swimming, contact improvisation (dance), listen to strange, challenging music, photo- and video-shoot and edit them, read&watch cosmological etc. science and scifi stuff with a philosophical attitude. 

Born: 14. of May 1981 --- Height: 180 cm --- Shoe: 43 --- Weight: 71 kg --- Hip: 94 cm --- Waist: 86 cm --- Chest: 102 cm --- Neck: 40 cm --- Head: 60 cm --- Leg length (to floor): 74 cm

Showreel: Acting (2023) - contact me for more!

Showreel: Action&Commercial (2023) - contact me for more!

Self-introduction, humorous (20 s) in Finnish - Videoesittely

Self-introduction (30 s) in Finnish - Videoesittely

Self-introduction (1 min) in English

Unto Ikkala pronouncing in Finnish, English, Swedish and German

Monologue (1min, in Finnish +English subs)